THE Johnny Cash Tribute sound so much like Cash, it's scary!”

— Kris Kristofferson

Johnny Cash Tribute Artist, Johnny Cash impersonator, Johnny Cash Singer,  Johnny Cash many 'labels' that try to define what Steve does...but it should be noted that, first and foremost, Steve is a BIG Johnny Cash FAN! (and, at 6'5", probably one of the tallest!) "I've sung Johnny Cash songs in my shows for decades! My audiences love it, I love it, and we have so much fun doing it, we've expanded the segment into a full-on Johnny Cash Tribute Show, and it's been a real blast!" Including a show where Steve and his band backed Kris Kristofferson for a few of his hits, and Kris was so impressed, he signed Steve's guitar.  Steve has a commanding voice, that big, rich baritone, and a gift for being able to not only imitate the voice, but seemingly replicate the very essence of the artists he pays tribute to. And he does it all with a sense of fun! Fun for everyone...audience, band, and himself!  It's the ultimate Johnny Cash Experience!  See"Cashin' In" at a venue near you and "Get Rhythm!" 

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